Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway: Kristen Proby (Author of With Me in Seattle series)

We are so lucky to be a part of Kristen Proby's Rock with Me blog tour! Today, we have Kristen telling us what inspired her to write her With Me in Seattle series. Hello, Kristen!

Hello, Soul Sisters! Thank you so much for hosting me today. What an honor!

So, what was my inspiration for the series… You know, I don’t remember a specific incident or trigger that inspired the series. In fact, I didn’t know it was going to be a series when I began writing. I knew that I wanted to write about a former movie star turned recluse, and that Natalie was a photographer, and I could picture that first scene in my head, where Natalie thinks Luke is mugging her.

Beyond that, I knew that Nat had a feisty roommate named Jules, and the characters stopped there. As I progressed in the book and Luke met the Montgomery clan, I met them along with him. It wasn’t until I was about 80% through writing CAWM that I decided that all of the brothers and sisters needed stories too, and so the series was born.

It was when I was writing Fight With Me that I started to see the brothers more clearly, and understand who they are, what they do for a living, and what kind of girl it would take to make them happy.

So, I guess to answer your question, I’m going on this journey with the characters. I do a bit of brainstorming with two very close friends, and then I just begin writing.

I hope this answered your question!

Thank you again!

About the author:

Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.
You can find her here:


  1. I'm usually the same when it comes to writing. I only have that main idea for the hero and the heroine, the rest just comes along the way without planning. (: Great post and good luck with future writing.

    Sandra @ When Books Attack!