Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am Elias VanDyne's Advocate (for the YA Crush Tourney)!

Hello, lovely humans of the Earth! 

The awesome ladies at the YA Sisterhood have decided to put back the YA Crush Tourney (much to the excitement of our fellow fangirls.) I am so honored to be representing this super swoon-worthy guy...


Elias is from Leigh Ann Kopans' ONE, a Sci-Fi novel with a sweet and heartwarming romance. Here are a few reasons why YOU should vote for Elias:

  • He's a very protective guy but not in an overbearing kind of way. He takes care of his friends and he also has a great relationship with his siblings.
  • Elias is a great people person, he's very sensitive towards others and he's very welcoming too.
  • He has a beautiful smile, with a dimple that just winks that you. Elias' smile was made to melt woman.
  • He is the sweetest person EVER. His lines are so sincere and when he loves, he really loves.
If you still aren't convinced (but seriously, how you can not be?) you can read more about him in my official tourney post that will be put up on


which will be his very first match and it will be against Jase from My Life Next Door.

Y'all can show your support for Elias by voting for him, Tweeting (with the hashtag #TeamONE because giveaways will happen and we'll be keeping track through that) and you can use these buttons as your Twitter or Facebook avatar:

Thank you all so, so much and we hope that you will show Elias your support!