Friday, June 7, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday (39)

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Q: Have you ever broken up with a series? If so, which one and why?

A: I have broken up with a lot of series. Here are a few (in bullets):
  • The House of Night because they got too long and draggy (ten books now, right? Plus two on their way, and I'm just talking about the main series. There's still spin-offs. Please, just stop.)
  • The Matched series. I only read the first book and that was enough for me, but that didn't really stop me from buying the other books because they look nice.
  • The Immortals series by Alison Noel. Again, one was enough. I have the complete set though.
  • I hate to say it... The Mortal Instruments. The first three books were SO good but when the next three came out, it's like the story was dragged on and they definitely weren't as satisfying as the first three books. But again, I have the complete collection, so far.
  • Other books I don't remember anymore...
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  1. I agree on House of Night. I actually almost put TMI but I'm still reading them I was just disappointed in book 4. I felt it didn't need to be continued.

  2. I've never read Cassandra Clare but really want to. Hopefully in a couple of months. :D Great answer. Old follower here.

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  3. Hopping through. I forgot about Matched. I've only read the first one, although I intend to read the rest.
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  4. I picked House of Night too... that series just got too goofy for me!

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  5. House of Night made my list too! I also stopped reading the Immortals series, but I completly forgot about them until you mentioned it. I guess that shows how much I didn't care about that series! I have heard other people say the same about Matched. I have only read the first one so far. I really liked it and plan to finish them one day!

    Amber @Nala's Book Corner

  6. Seeing a lot of The House of Night. In a way I quit on that one too, but it was after book 1. I was choosing series where I read past book 1 for this question!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  7. I feel like I'm the only person left who's actually read all ten books of the House of Night series! Even though it's long, each book is pretty short. I've also finished the Matched series and I'm still waiting for the last one in The Mortal Instruments. I don't blame you though, I totally get why you'd stop reading these. Following via GFC!
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  8. I quit House of Night too. I liked the first book, but it went downwards after that.. PS: Followed you on bloglovin!

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  9. I don't know if I've quit HoN or if we're just having a pause... I haven't read any books from the series in a while, but I own all of them.
    I agree with you about TMI, the first three books were excellent! And I would have been a much happier reader if I hadn't continued to read.
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  10. I read the first House of Night and the first two Immortals books, but I just didn't love them enough to justify buying the rest of the series. I have too many other great series to read!

    Emma @ From the Writer’s Nest

  11. I've broken up with a few myself.
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  12. I've heard the same about all these, particularly immortal instruments being that it should've ended at book 3. I have not read any of these series and its probably due to all the hype surrounding them.

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  13. I've broken up with the House of Night series as well. That and Alyson Noel's newest Seekers books, not a fan.

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  14. The House of Night was also my pick. I loved Matched, but Crossed left me so disappointed :( Here is my FF Old follower

  15. I stop a lot of series after the first book but almost never after reading more than one book.

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  16. I agree on all counts.
    I did find the first Mortal Instruments book to be a game changer for me though, back in the day.
    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  17. HoN has been a popular one and I've seen Matched mentioned a few times too. I haven't read any of the series you've broken up with, but I do still plan on reading Mortal Instruments at some point.

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  18. I see your point on Match & the Mortal Instruments. I'd say the biggest break up I've had is with Sookie. I read all up until the fairy war/torture thing (I can't remember what book), then everything just felt forced and wrong. Plus, I wasn't a fan of Eric and it looked like he was going to be the keeper.

  19. Louise I have the House of Night and really enjoyed the first two books, I'm to read the rest but I do understand what your saying, sometimes the series just needs to come to an end otherwise it just drags on for too long :(

  20. I've read the first two books in the Matched Trilogy and felt the second one dragged on. It wasn't as good as the first one, and I'm going to read the third book to finish it up but...I'm not in a hurry or anything.

    I haven't read the other series yet, but I've definitely seen them a lot for this week's question, eep.

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