Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Signing Teaser: Guess Who! (In Manila!)

Hello, my fellow Filipino friends!

I am sure that some, if not most, of you are quite familiar with National Book Store's "Guess Who" teasers? (Yeah, I'm talking about the one they posted last June 19.) And I'm sure that all of you know how awesome all the authors that National Book Store bring over here are. So I am sure that you are all excited to hear about who the author is! ... But unfortunately, we don't know either. Another BUT, we do have some pretty awesome news that you can find only in our blog and a few other awesome blogs as well! Scroll down to see the details:

Here are three things that you should know:
  • What is it? A book signing! Hooray!
  • When is it? August 3rd - Manila signing, August 4th - Cebu signing
  • And when will the author be revealed? Watch out for the announcement on JULY 1ST' 2013, at 3 PM so be sure to stalk National Book Store's Facebook page then!
We can't wait to find out who'll be coming! Will we be seeing YOU there?


  1. Hopefully, it's an author I know! P.S. How do you get notified of these things?

    1. Hi Shannelle! The author is Kiera Cass! Eeeeep! :D And to answer your question, we get contacted by a representative from National Book Store.