Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Title: The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys #1)
Author: Abbi Glines
Pages: 288 pages
Format acquired: Hardcover
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published on: October 30th 2012
Source: Purchased from Fully Booked
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Get seduced by a sizzling account of attraction and betrayal in this previously self-published phenomenon. There was something wicked about Beau that drew me to him. What was wrong with me? Why did I want to sin so badly?

Ashton is getting tired of being good, of impressing her parents and playing ideal girlfriend to Sawyer Vincent. Sawyer is perfect, a regular Prince Charming, but when he leaves town for the summer, it’s his cousin Beau who catches Ashton’s eye. Beau is the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, and even though he’s dangerous, Ashton is drawn to him.

Beau loves his cousin like a brother, so the last thing he wants to do is make a move on Sawyer’s girl. Ashton is off-limits, absolutely. That’s why he does his best to keep his distance, even though he’s been in love with her forever. When Ashton wants to rekindle their childhood friendship in Sawyer’s absence, Beau knows he should say no.

Ashton and Beau don’t want to hurt Sawyer. But the more they try to stay away from each other, the more intense their urges become. It’s getting way too hard to resist...

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To be honest, I didn't really want to read this one anymore since I had already read The Vincent Brothers. I got confused as to which came first, so I just went with my instinct and read Brothers first. Turns out, I have poor instincts in determining which book came before the other. HA. HA. HA. (boo)

Anyway, I was still so happy at how Brothers turned out that I didn't really bother reading Boys at all. I'm glad Louisse smacked some sense into me and told me I HAD to read it. I'm really happy I did. Reading Boys made me appreciate Beau. Because to be honest, one of the reasons I didn't want to read Boys was because I wasn't (and still am not, but I'd hear your story) not a fan of girlfriend-stealing boyfriends. I'm glad this book cleared that bad air Beau had in my head.

I found it really sad that Ashton was just forcing herself to be the perfect little girl that everyone expected her to be. Pretending to be something you're not is one of the saddest things I know. I mean, you have only one life. Live it to the fullest. Be who you want to be, not what they want you to be. This is one of the reasons why I understood why Ashton wanted to leave Sawyer. It must be really hard to keep that game up. I liked how Ashton really wanted to be free, wanted to liberate herself from all these chains and I liked how she was brave enough to do so at the end. What I didn't like about her was that she made it seem like Sawyer was to be partly blamed for her suffering. I mean, you can't help who you'll fall in love with. And Sawyer DID NOT force you to become "perfect", sister. *sassy head shake* I loved how she was the one who changed the player. Changed the no-good rebel into a loving boyfriend. I'm a sucker for those fairytales.

What I also found really great about this book was how Beau really admired her. He really, really wanted her. He worked hard to get Ashton. And they understood each other that moves above any relationship any other couple could have. I love how their relationship is a no-holds barred type. They both know each other's filth yet still accept them wholeheartedly. And that, folks, is true love (at least in my book).

The only thing I wasn't comfortable thing in this book would be the whole infidelity issue. I mean, sure, go be happy and be free and be yourself, but if you have a relationship with someone, make sure that you don't form new ones while you're taken. Because you're just asking for trouble if you do that (as seen in Sawyer and Beau's bloody fights). If you're going to find someone else or if you want to make another relationship or even if you're just plain unhappy, just end it. You're going to be doing the both of you a favor. Just make sure you're a hundred percent all in in it. Remember, regrets come in the end.

All in all, it was a great read. I wouldn't mind recommending it to anyone looking for a sweet chick-lit read. :)



  1. I have not read any of these, but my sisters love them. I'll have to make sure I pick out the right one first when I do read them!

    YA Sisterhood

    1. Haha! Remember... Boys before Brothers!! That sounds awfully wrong, but whatever! Haha! I hope you have fun reading them! :)

  2. My first Glines book was Fallen Too Far and then I went on and read this one :) I felt so bad for Sawyer, but I loved how Beau really saw Ashton for who she really is and didn't ever want her to change :)