Monday, September 13, 2010

In Which I Blog About Unicorns (and possibly Dora the Explorer)

Yes, as you can see I'm blogging about Unicorns! Heehee I love them and I absolutely can't wait for Holly Black's Zombie VS Unicorns! Of course I'm Team Unicorn but Keila is Team Zombie. Such conflict, so when I finally get myself a copy when it releases Geraldine and I will have a very, very heated debate (Which we have everyday.)
Off to Unicorns, I have always obsessed myself with them, I sometimes find myself dreaming about me riding a pretty pink Unicorn with a golden horn! But it just so happens that Dora the Explorer had already stolen my dream and rode on a Unicorn! I was so depressed and I still like watching Dora and screaming out the answers. Great job Dora, you just lost a watcher!
I've always wanted a Unicorn. More than an alcoholic wants a bottle of Jack Daniels, more than Berby's obsession for karate boys, MORE THAN GERALDINE WANTS A BOYFRIEND! Whoops! I accidentally turned my Caps Lock on! Clumsy me! :)) But seriously I really want a Unicorn! I'll hug anyone who finds me a lavender one with a cookie tattoo on it's butt! :)
Unicorns! Unicorns! Unicorns!
I was once with my dad talking about my future and he said that I had to learn how to properly speak Mandarin for a better future and I said, "But daddy, I want a Unicorn!" And here's what he replied, "What are you going to do with them? Can you make a Unicorn farm?" Ahh, I love my dad! <3 br="br">I still also love Unicorns! :)

Here's the list of things I love:
1) God
2) Parents
3) Berby and Geraldine
4) Books
5) Unicorns
6) Little Sister
7) Friends
8) Blogger Friends
9) Lily Paloma and Samantha Jones (My dogs, though I think Lily hates me... Dunno! :D)
10) Hugs and cookies

Yes, those are the people/things that make me happy! :)
Well, I am now going to do my temporary stitches for my cheerdance shirt. Sooo bye! :)

What will I blog about next?

P.S. Agnes, Despicable Me character, is an exception to the Unicorn rule because she's a cute, innocent little girl who deserves a cute Unicorn! :)

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  1. what?!? i don't want a boyfriend! WTH are you saying??