Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not A Book Review: Anti Valentine's Movement

It's Valentine's Day again dear readers and I'm here not to write about a book, but to just review about this much speculated day every year. Much to everyone's distress, I am not a believer of Valentine's Day. In fact, I may almost hate it. Why? Well, there's the annoyingly sappy mood everyone's in. I can just taste the sweetness in the air. Blegh. Then there's the draining rush everyone's in, as if they're trying to finish everything up in a matter of seconds to make more time for their dates or whatsoever. I thought I was becoming a sociopath. GAH. But when I thought it through, (yes, I think ALL my decisions through. Even those dumpling noodles I had for lunch.) and before I declared myself to be void or any romantic notion, I realized that I didn't hate love. I hated Valentine's Day. You might be saying: "Oh good Lord. She's gone nuts. Call the shrink!" but let me explain. Don't we all have that annoying classmate/co-worker/random stranger who just shoves in your face how many chocolates or flowers or love letters they got for V-Day? Or those annoying people who think they can do whatever they want. And when you tell them off, you seem like the bad guy and people will say "lay it off, man. It's Valentine's Day" Is it just me or does everyone's knuckles just  itches to come in contact with that face? I hate it when they send tons of flowers and hug each other and tell them how much they love him/her just because it's Valentine's Day. For me, it shouldn't be done on just one day a year. 1 out of 365 isn't enough. 0.2 percent of every year isn't going to cut it. Love shouldn't be built up and let loose on Valentine's Day. It should be done every hour, every minute, every second of every day that you have. You never know when you're going to die, and I doubt you'll feel very loved knowing that you got dozens of flowers for V-Day last year. If you really are passionate and serious about something, you won't feel that a day is enough, either. I'd like people to scratch the idea of a Valentine's Day out of their heads. When every and any day would be a day where you could give flowers. Or leave work a little early to have dinner with your loved one. Or just be in a sappy, romantic mood all day long. Now wouldn't that be better? Knowing that you were thought about because well, you were thought about. No more angry girlfriends who didn't get roses and chocolates from their boyfriends. No more stressed-out hubbies rushing to the corner flower shop to get his wife a not-even-thought-about bouquet of flowers. No more greedy people raising the prices of flowers up to thrice the original amount to make higher profit. (well, okay. the last one happens EVERY holiday. I doubt they'll change) But wouldn't it be really nice if that did happen? No pressure, just everyone going in their own time. Now you won't have to share a special day with a bajillion more people out there. Wouldn't it be more meaningful and sweet if you had your own day no one else but the two of you knew when? That you wake up and find yourself smelling roses just because. Now these ideas, I was truly drawn to. That you go to bed having the best feeling in the world every night because you chose not to pour it all out in a day. That, for me is love in it's rawest state. And that's something I would in fact, love. So I guess I don't really hate the idea "two hearts beating as one" or something that is blind and fair and just. I guess it's really just Valentine's Day that I hate

Disclaimer: I have in NO WAY possible any intention of offending anyone's opinions or beliefs. This is just me sharing what I think.

I hope it's Valentine's Day everyday to you, too! :)

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  1. Okay, I have been married for almost 18 years and I kind of hate VDay. I do little things for my daughter but she's 16 now so even that is slowing down. My hubby and I get crap from other couples about our lax attitude towards the holiday. They go all out and think that because we don't it must mean we don't love each other. WTH? Really?? I'm with you, I would rather know on a daily basis that I am appreciated, not just one time a year. Flowers die, chocolates make me fat. Love is long lasting.