About Us

Hello to you, our dear reader!

We are Geraldine and Louisse or Louisse and Geraldine, whichever sounds better in your mind. First thing we need to clarify is that we aren't actually sisters, we both have the same last name and our fathers coincidentally also have the same name but that's as far as similarities go. We met back when we were in kindergarten and to spare you the sordid details, it was then that our bond was created. We've been inseparable ever since.

As the years passed, we continued to bond over different things and found mutual and very passionate love for books. It was in 2010 when we decided to start our book blog, The Soul Sisters (the one you are in right now). Unfortunately, we took a hiatus due to school related reasons and came back a few years later and since then, our blog has been growing strong. We are so grateful for our readers who stood by us even when we weren't there so thank you to our amazing peeps, all over the world. You all rock!

We love hearing from our readers! Shoot us an email at the.soul.sisters97 (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet us at @geraldinemae and @louisse_ang, you can also message us on our Facebook page: The Soul Sisters. :)

Geraldine (left) and Louisse (right) -- this photo was taken in 2010
so we look slightly different now.
(2013 with Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi... pre-marriage.)