Rating System

Here is our rating system (in case you're curious or would want to know):

6 Stars - The Sisters are obsessed with it! This has to be one of the most perfect books we have ever read. We cannot recommend it enough.

5 Teacups - The Sisters recommend it! This book is amazing and you better read it or else we'll tackle you!

4 Teacups - The Sisters approve! Close to perfect but lacks a little something-something, still recommended though.

3 Teacups - The Sisters are okay with it. It's fair, not really bad and not really good.

2 Teacups - The Sisters disapprove! This book could've been flung across the room but was not because even though it was not a good read, it still had a little (by little, we mean miniscule) spark in it.

1 Teacup - The Sisters recommend... you to burn it! This book was horrible and we're just too nice to give it a zero. Kudos to the author though for actually having the guts to write it. This book may also either have been: burned, thrown or flung across the room.