Monday, October 26, 2015

{Blog Tour} The Waterwitch Babes' Truthwitch Tour: Street Team Appreciation Post and Closing Remarks

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I still remember the day back in May (specifically the 27th) when I got to see Susan Dennard in BEA and had to pretty much fight people to the death for an ARC of Truthwitch. It made my first BEA so memorable and so special. And after weeks of holding myself back and finally delved into Truthwitch and came out a new woman. Ever since falling in love with Truthwitch (and basically Sooz's writing) I vowed to do my best to make sure that Truthwitch would be as successful as possible. And that was when Nicola, my Threadsister, asked me to be one of the clan leaders for the street team and also the time when that simple "Hell yes" changed my life.

I had never been immersed in such a passionate and enthusiastic group of people until I met The Waterwitch Babes and the rest of the Truthwitch team. The hard work everyone puts into thinking of Heists, planning super fun #ClanChat(s) and other really cool activities amazes me. Sooz, Nicola and the amazing ladies from New Leaf Literary who put so much time and effort into everything, thank you. Your patience, kindness, selflessness and everything completely astounds me. I just hope that we can do you amazing ladies proud.

And the Waterwitch Babes, oh my god. I never thought that we would get this close. I did not just get a group of members, I was also blessed with a clan of sisters. I am so grateful to have you all in my life. Our conversations don't just revolve around Heists or projects, I love that everyone takes the time to really chat and get to know each other. And one of the things that really amazes me what you fabulous ladies is that when one person is down or going through something, you never fail to send encouragements and be as supportive as possible. And that's what I think of you ladies, you are one of my support systems, it warms my heart and gives me so much honor knowing that I have you at my side taking on all these challenges. Let's continue to make waves, Babes!

The Waterwitch Babes Truthwitch Blog Tour is the product of months of masterminding and being crazy secretive. We wanted to give everyone a chance to see the different experiences we and our collaborators have had with Sooz and Truthwitch. We hope that we've piqued your interest as a reader and gave you all the fuzzy feels with our posts. Thank YOU so much for taking this tour with us and may you find the clan where you belong (you can totally take our unofficial Clan sorting quiz to help you out, click HERE).

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