Friday, August 16, 2013

Event Recap + Giveaway: Kiera Cass Blogger Forum & Book Signing

The super long line at 10 AM.
Geraldine and I were so fortunate to have been invited to the blogger forum before the Kiera Cass book signing. We were able to get up close and personal with Kiera (and her hubby.) It was also a chance for  us to see our other blogger friends who we do not get to see enough. Me being a super punctual person I got to the forum first and claimed the number one spot... again. Haha!

A couple of things we learned during the Q and A:
  • There will be a novella about Aspen called "The Guard". (Ge and I are strictly Team Maxon 5Life.)
  • If Kiera were to cross-over The Selection with another series it would be Star Wars (as recommended by her husband.) Also, gowns in space!
  • She will be writing a series about a heroine temporarily called 2385725 or 238 for short. From what I remember, it will be about unwanted children that go to an academy and then can be bought afterwards... I'm sure that it's suppose to sound classier than that. Sorry!
  • Team Maxon or Team Aspen? Yes.
  • If she were to be a character in The Selection, it would be Mae. They're both boy crazy.
  • And she had this really deep and long explanation regarding the caste system in her books that you can read more about here.
Keira (yes, we're close) signing my book.
Ge and I looking princess-like with Kiera.
Ge and I photobombing Kiera and Jesselle. Like bosses! :))
(Thanks, Kate, for the photo!)
Me with the lovely Kate from The Bookaholic Blurbs.
Ge eating her pastry with (from the left) Dianne from Oops! I Read A Book Again, Maricar from BLACKPLUME, Dani from Book Whales, Leslie from bibliophilekid, and Jesselle from The Lifelong Bookworm.
Kiera being cute... with her hubby, *tugs ear*
The awesome Chad Dee with JB Roperos. 
Ge and I with Chad and JB. <3 We all look fab!
The Selection PH decked out in their The Elite tees!
With bloggers and The Selection PH.
After the insane fun we had at the forum, the other bloggers, Ge and I made our way to Glorietta where the event was being held. And holy mother of Frisbees! There were over 600 people at the signing and more lining up! It was craaaazy and we were just grateful that we didn't need to trample anyone to get in. Fans can get vicious. *rawr*

The stage for Kiera Cass. Those chairs look comfy...
The other bloggers, Ge and I camped out near the stage. Or should I say "squatting"? LOL
Me with more bloggers! (From top left) Jesselle, Leslie, Dianne, Sab from Sab the Book Eater, Algel from Books and Cozy Afternoon Teas.
Andrea, a fan we met because we were invading her personal space. LOL
Random fans of Kiera I asked if I could take a picture of them. I promise I'm not that creepy.
Kiera answering some questions during the event.
 In the end, it was a tiring but fun day! It's always great seeing my fellow bloggers and meeting new people. Thank you so much to Mr. JB Roperos, Mr. Chad Dee and National Book Store for making this event possible! And to the screaming fangirls who made it so successful.

My signed books! Hee. I got a message from Maxon. *swoons*
And your favorite part, I'm sure...

This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway and the winner will get a signed copy of The Elite with a message from either Maxon or Aspen. Winner's choice. Good luck and may you be The One.


  1. We don't have a photo together!? *gasps*

    1. Yeah! That's why when I was inputting the pictures, you weren't there... :( On the 14th for sure!

  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway! All your pics are too cute! I absolutely love your blog also.

    ❤ Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland

  3. I accidentally submitted an entry with a wrong tweet link. Ooopss. I edited it already but I don't know if the entry I first submitted is still recorded.

    1. It's cool. Thanks for informing us, Alyssa!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway Louisse! Is it weird that a guy joined a giveaway where you can win a copy of a book with a message from either of the two guys? Even though they are fictional, I feel weird. Anyway, it's still a giveaway! LOL

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    1. LOL! It was great meeting you! :D

      PS. Your dress was so cute!