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Blog Tour: ARC Review + Guest Post: The Apollo Academy by Kimberly P. Chase

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Title: The Apollo Academy (Apollo Academy #1)
Author: Kimberly P. Chase
Pages: 340 pages
Format acquired: eARC (ePub)
Publication date: August 6th 2013
Source: Received from the author (Thanks, Kimberly!)
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As the heiress to Titon Technologies, eighteen-year-old Aurora Titon can have whatever she wants—clothes, expensive gadgets, anything money can buy. All she really wants is to escape her pampered, paparazzi-prone life for the stars. Becoming the first female pilot to train as an astronaut for the Apollo Academy is exactly the chance for which she has been waiting. Everything would be perfect if it weren't for her unreciprocated crush on a fellow student, the sexy astronaut bent on making her life hell, and the fact that someone keeps trying to kill her. 

The first in a four book new adult science fiction series, The Apollo Academy, is an action packed story of love, discovery, and survival.

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This is the first New Adult book I have read that isn't Contemporary... and I loved it! Badass heroine + two super swoony space guys + an awesome storyline = one heck of a fun book. I've always been a huge space fan (especially when I found out that microwaves came from alien technology. LOL) and reading about it in one of my favorite genres made it all the more enjoyable. (Note: there are no aliens in this book... yet.)

There are times when I get confused while I am reading a book with multiple point of views and I was so glad that I actually got to understand the ones written in The Apollo Academy. It was interesting reading from the perspective of different characters especially since they play such big parts in the book. The Apollo Academy is basically about a group of teenagers who passed their initiation and got into the academy, and a bunch of really crazy stuff ensues. Cray-zee. Oh, and did I mention that there's drama, action, romance and a bit of comedy as well? Well, there is.

Aurora was a pretty interesting character for me. It's not everyday you read about rich heiresses who aren't spoiled. Aside from that, Aurora has to be one of the most determined characters I have ever read about. She is so intent on not being known as the "Titon heiress" because she wants to be able to make a name for herself by becoming the Academy's first female pilot. I loved that she was so persistent and even when her instructor was being a douche to her, she was still able to tell him where to shove it and be professional at the same time. There are moments when she is vulnerable though, what with the constant bullying and boy trouble she had to go through, and I won't even talk about her father anymore. Aurora is a great heroine and I can't wait to read what's in store for her in the next books!

I. Am. So. Torn. Seriously...

I have no idea how Kimberly Chase came up with the idea of making two leading men... Okay, I know that love triangles are a pretty common thing since forever but I have never read about two guys who are so even with each other. I just can't pick whose Team I am on. (I may be leaning a bit toward Sky's side because let's face it, hottie instructor trumps teenager with a past most of the time.)

Let's talk about Zane first (teenager with a past.) If I was Aurora I'd most likely get whiplash from the mixed signals that he keeps sending me. I love Zane because I know he genuinely cares for her and he's awesome but come on! Make up your mind, man. Always better late than never... usually. I understand why he can't get close to Aurora because he harbors a secret that involves her father but he really doesn't have to be so obvious about it by ignoring. I really feel bad for him though, he chooses to make himself feel bad because he's afraid. There are times when letting it out may actually be the solution to all your worries. Man, I need book 2... *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Sky is your typical asshole-but-turns-nice-hottie-instructor. He was a huge douche towards Aurora at first and I am usually into those kinds of guys. LOL But moving on, Aurora really nailed him in the head. She didn't let him get away with his bullshit and she called him out on it as well. You'll find out in the latter part of the book why he acted that way but you'll have to endure with him at the moment... Sky has his good moments. When you see the sweet and pretty deep guy within and I really can't wait to see more of him in the next books. *swoons*

Kimberly Chase has created one pretty amazing (and successful) New Adult novel that will just leave you begging for more, I know I am. Need. Book. Two. NOW.


What inspired you towrite THE APOLLO ACADEMY? 

I'm a voracious reader and over the years I kept feeling like there wassomething missing in my reading pile....

It wasn'tuntil I finished writing The ApolloAcademy, that I realized that this was the story I'd been missing.  A book about a young woman who loved tofly. One that wasn't historical. One that was fun and sexy....The ApolloAcademy stemmed from this idea. I don't think I've ever read a book aboutastronaut training that's been done in a fun, young way. 

When I lookback on my life, I can see that I'd been collecting pieces of The Apollo Academy my entire life. Fromnights spent looking through a telescope, attending Space Camp, flying lessonsat Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, my infatuation with Apollo 13, toreading science fiction books...these experiences were my inspiration.

About the author:

Kimberly P. Chase writes young adult and new adult science fiction. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, which basically means she's kind of a geek and loves flying airplanes. Naturally, her books tend to include aviation, hot flight instructors, aviator glasses, and—let's not forget—kissing! When Kimberly's not writing or reading, she's hanging out with her husband, four-year-old son, and two dogs.

You can find her here:

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