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Blog Tour: ARC Review + Giveaway: Savor by Kate Evangelista

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Title: Savor (Vicious Feast #1)
Author: Kate Evangelista
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Publication date: December 5th 2013
Source: Received from author (Thanks, Kate and Paranormal Cravings Book Tours!)
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I’m Dakota Collins, a tough talking, eye patch wearing, workaholic photography student. Why am I important? Well, maybe because I get to spend an entire month with Vicious, only the sickest indie rock band out there.

You see, I needed a subject for my Spring Showcase introspective in order to graduate. During a chance encounter at a club I’d been sent to cover for the Daily Gossip, our ironically named college paper, the features writer I usually teamed up with introduced me to the band—by accident, I might add. It involved a run in with a scary, bald bodyguard. Anyway, long story short, I signed a contract to take pictures of Vicious.

I should have known their handsome yet way too serious for his own good bassist, Luka Visraya, wouldn't be able to keep his hands to himself. He’s gorgeous and all, but the way he smiles spelled trouble with a capital L. I’m in for a long month with him around.

Crazy shit happens and then some. So, if you want the skinny on Vicious and the events revolving around my stay at Lunar Manor, read my story.
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I am a big Kate Evangelista fangirl and am very grateful that she's within driving distance in case I have the urge to stalk and fangirl all over her and after reading this book, I'm sure that some excitement release is overdue... preferably with Luka. (If he's not busy or anything.)

It felt so great to finally get back to Kate Evangelista's Taste world... oh crap, I'm not really there am I. What is this confusion? There were literally parts wherein I was just trying to figure out what was going on but it never hurts to ask an author to clarify things and Kate graciously answered all my inquiries (for those of you who have read Taste and Savor and were puzzled as well, watch out for Kate's blog post regarding the part that I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). Anyway, disregarding that fact, I really enjoyed reading Savor. Never mind the fact that it's a New Adult book, Savor completely oozed sex and darkness. Not that I'm implying everyone turned into super active rabbits in the book but once you read it, you won't be able to help yourself and you'll end up getting sucked into the dark and really sensual world of Vicious. This book is a far cry from Kate Evangelista's slighter lighter and fluffier books but I've always loved diverse authors because hello, they keep things more interesting when they're that way. So yeah, Savor definitely reeled me in and proved to me how talented she really is.

Dakota Collins has to be the coolest Kate Evangelista girl to date. She's spunky, driven and waaay badass. All you need to do is look at her eye-patch and you already know that you've got someone special right there. Dakota isn't damaged or broken, sure she's got some cracks and creaks but nothing a little TLC won't fix. I love the drive that Dakota has and her passion for her photography, and the way Kate Evangelista describes and talks about Dakota's pictures really paint a clear and distinct image in your brain that will make everything much, much more clearer. It was a joy getting to know Dakota and it was fun and interesting joining her on her journey to discover the truth about Vicious. Oooh, so mysterious.

I'm sure that you're wondering who Vicious is, to cut the long story short, they're this really famous rock (?) band that Luka is a part of (there are other details to this but I'm giving you the Spark Notes version). Apparently Vicious is a really private band and they don't particularly like to be paparazzi-ed on. So when Dakota sees them in all their rock glory, she decides that she wants to use them as her models for her final project and that's when the craziness all began...

At this point, you already get to know the characters and their general stories but let's get to the more important character, Luka. Oh, Luka, I don't know whether to whip you or paddle you (but I'm sure you'll like both). In this book, it was a definite love/hate/love relationship between me and Luka, that's why we're currently on a break right now. Oh, did I forget to mention that he's my boyfriend? Silly me. That's right, he's M-I-N-E. I just lent him to Kate for research. Anyway, as I was saying before I got all cavewoman-ey all over my man, there were parts that really frustrated me because of the constant tension between him and Dakota. I wanted to tell him to just jump her already (we're in an open relationship like that) and let the beast (literally) loose, you know? But of course, there was something holding him down. I'm sure you're wondering if it's because of our love that he couldn't pursue anything with Dakota but it's not that, it's something far more serious than that. And it's because of his inability to do what his heart tells him to do that ruined things for him. *cue suspenseful music* Aaand, that's when the book ends... Kidding. Maaaybe. You'll have to read it to find out.

I loved discovering and exploring this darkly sensual and mysterious world Kate Evangelista created with Savor because it brings us a more mature and sophisticated look to the lives of rockstars... with an unexpected twist. (Hmm, what could it be? *taps chin thoughfully*) All I can say is that I love Kate Evangelista for giving me more time with Luka by writing this book but I also hate her for writing this book because, well, I am ruined. Just, ruined. If I beg hard enough, can I get a copy of book two yesterday?


When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn't going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she is in possession of a piece of paper that says to the world she owns a Literature degree. To make matters worse, she took Master's courses in creative writing. Ms. Evangelista lives in the Philippines.

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