Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBI GLINES!! (And there's a giveaway too. *wink*)

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We are so honored to have been given the chance to participate in Abbi Glines's birthday celebration! Geraldine and I are such huge fans of Abbi and we're little just fangirling right now. Here's a little something I made for Abbi:

Yes, friends. It is a mosaic of Abbi's face made from her book covers. :D
Why I Love Abbi Glines

I don't love Abbi Glines just because she writes feckin' awesome books. It's not every day that you find an author who can connect with her readers, but Abbi certainly can. Because the fact of the matter is, I don't love Abbi's books, they instead love me. Yup, you read right. They love me. I could literally just spend hours and hours (and even days) just reading her books because I seek comfort within their arms. I found protection in Beau's, I found friendship in Bethy's, I found humor in Thad's, I found music in Jax's and many more. You'll never be lonely while reading Abbi Glines's books because there are so many characters to keep you company (and it definitely doesn't hurt that they're all good looking. *fist pump*) And add to the fact that Abbi Glines's is such a huge sweetheart who I just adore, who wouldn't love this lovely lady? I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to (virtually) meet such a great woman and as well as her many awe-inspiring characters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBI and may you continue to write more addictive books that will only make us love you even more! Stay awesome! <3

You can stalk find Abbi here:

And the very, very lovely ladies from AToMR Book Blog Tours who hosted this event, has also decided to do a giveaway! Now you peeps get a chance to win Abbi Glines's books and/or some signed SWAG!! Yaay! Yes, and they're all INTERNATIONAL!! Here's what you can win:

Good luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBI!! <3