Monday, February 14, 2011

Top Six Hottest Bookish Guys I'd Want to Date!

These are the Top Six Guys I'd totally want to hang out with~ I chose them because I think that the authors did an excellent job in making their characters realistic and concrete! :)

Ash from The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa because Ash is totally HOT and has a total badass aura around him. And his love for Meghan is so sweet! I get tingles every time I read a scene about them~ :) (I totally bawled my eyes out in the one!)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEREK! If he was a real person I would totally marry him if I could! He's so... Fragile. There's something about the way Angela Morrison made this character that makes you ache and care for him.

I think Martin has to be one of the most caring guys i have ever read about. The way he stands up for Alex is extremely impressive. I love the way he's always there for her when she needed someone to vent to. I'm pretty sure most girls would like a guy like this! ;)

I think Jay has to be one of my all-time male favorites! He's so compassionate to Violet and he's so protective of her. But not too protective of her that he's invading her space but just being there for her... Wow. I can't wait to read more about Jay and Violet in Desires of the Dead!

This spot totally goes to Alex because of the things he did for Lena. Delirium was such an amazing book and it became even more amazing because of Alex. I LOVE ALEX. Period. Next!

I'm picking Delvin for this one. Even though he's a total nerd, I like him. He's cool in a dorky way! :D And I'm a total dork! So, I'm tight with Delvin!

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