Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Event Recap + Giveaway: Lauren Kate Event Book Signing

(From left to right) Reggie, Mavie, Geraldine and Louisse
So, last November 27, Lauren Kate had this super duper awesome signing! :) I went with Keila (of course), Mavie from The Bookologist and Reggie from The Undercover Booklover! We arrived around 11 AM and the event ended up starting at around 6:30 PM. So it was a very, very looong wait. We chatted with each other and talked about books and ourselves. We were one of the very first people to arrive at the event. So we were able to get our books signed first. We gave Lauren a big card Reggie had bought for Lauren, we put our blog address and our messages to her! :) When I saw Lauren I was starstruck because she was so pretty and thin! (And I loved her outfit! Especially her boots!) So when the event started we found out that Lauren was Team Cam (YAY!) and so were we, except Reggie. LOL! Anyhooz, Lauren read a portion (a big portion) of Torment's prologue. So when it was time for the signing to start we were one of the very first to have our books signed! (Our numbers were 3,4,5, and 6. We got our books signed after the VIP peeps.) Lauren was nice enough to sign all of our books even though the clerks said that we could only have, like, around two or whatever signed. I got four signed, two was personalized, one was for a gift and the other is for a giveaway! :D

Lauren Kate with Cam and Daniel.
Lauren Kate signing our books.
With Lauren Kate, holding our card.

Sooo... We're giving away a signed hardcover copy of Torment by Lauren Kate!

-Ends on January. 31' 2011
-Must be a GFC Follower

Fill out this FORM to be entered! :)

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  1. No way!! Why did Cam look a bit different? Tsk, tsk! he kinda looks like Draco...a bit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. That must've been so much fun!! Lucky :D Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Name: Dontu Alexandru