Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: Suzzane's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson


Okay, I know this is not Y.A. but hear me out :)

I know, I know. James Patterson is associated with Alex Cross (please.) But this one is a REAL tearjerker. I've seen this book a lot f times already but had no intention on reading it since it was, you know, James Patterson (notorious for murder stories). I thought it would be gory/bloody/mass killing-ish but to my surprise, NO! It's an awesome romantic story. I can't even type my feelings for this book for it is far too much. The tissue comes out at the near-ending. It comes as a surprise because one minute, everyone's happy then the next, it sets a dark feeling on you. For me, this book is a-mazing! Give it a shot. You'll never know it might make it to your top-books-list) I love how everything blended in. There was absolutely no confusion and very straight-to-the point type. Word of Advice, drop your thoughts of James Patterson, the violent book author. Think James Patterson, romantic novel writer


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