Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes!!! Hell Week Is Over!!!


Finally. It's over. The week we've been dreading every quarter. Is over and done with. *pants* Hell Week!!! Hell Week is basically our Periodical exams, where the whole all we do is stuff our heads in our books. Luck for us (Keila and I) we don't need to study. Yes, yes, we're slackers. We know. Since it's over I'd like to CONGRATULATE all those who've survived this insanely cruel week. :) Bravo! We should crack open a fresh bottle of wine and drink it like there's no tomorrow.

We would BUT we'll having regular classes again tomorrow. Crap. We're all about getting drunk! LOL
*sigh* And we still need to see if we ACTUALLY passed our tests. Just thinking about them makes me want to bawl! /(;_;)\
Well, whatever, the past is the past. (But please, please let US graduate...) Let us just hope I passed my tests and so did Keila, good luck to you! :)

Well... That's it! :D
Please enjoy this hilarious video while I ago wring my neck-- I mean cower in anticipation. Right~ :))

Hugs and Cookies,

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