Friday, January 4, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday (22)

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read! :)

Q: What New Year Blogging or Writing resolution have you placed on yourself?

A: Well We're hoping that we'll be able to write a hundred or more reviews this year and that we'll be able to interact with even more bloggers. We really want to help other bloggers out when they need some guidance things like that. :) WE WANT MORE FRIENDS, PLEASE. Haha! I really want us to be more active in terms of blogging and communicating this year (via Twitter or commenting [I suck at commenting, I must redeem myself this year!] and other places as well.) Also, for us to learn how to us Photoshop. Hee!

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  1. Hopping through. I'd love to know how to use Photoshop. I used it in high school but that was so long ago that it's very different.
    My Hop

  2. I don't know how to use photoshop but that would definitely be fun to learn more about :)

  3. Love ur resolutions!!
    Made some myself and I hope i can achieve them.
    New GFC Follower.
    "BookShelves Of Dreams"

  4. Hey Louisse! I also suck in commenting and interacting with other bloggers online, I need to work on that one and writing more reviews :)

    Photoshop is good and helpful in making designs for your blog you just need to give extra effort in learning it though but afterwards your hardships will pay off. I made my blog header using photoshop! hehe

  5. Great resolutions :) Just started following you, here's my resolutions:

  6. Good luck with your resolutions!

    To answer your question that you left on my blog, I'm a school librarian in Michigan, and my middle school students have to write book reports on books related to the state. :)

    Now following!

  7. Sounds like a good plan!

    Good Luck!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  8. Great goals! Photoshop is soooo much fun, I hope you learn it. I recommend getting the book Adobe Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks. Thank you so much for stopping by my FF. GFC Follower and new Twitter follower to both :D

    Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  9. Good luck with your goals! I want more blogging friends as well. :)

    I followed you through GFC. Follow me back?

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I followed you back via GFC.

    I need to work on commenting more, as well. I"ll follow you via Twitter, too!

    Happy New Year!


  11. LOL. I want blogging friends, too!

    Good luck on your goals :)

  12. Those are great resolutions. I want to be social, but I can't have a twitter or a facebook. so being more social will be a little hard for me.
    old follower
    my F&F

  13. Great resolutions! I want more friends too! :D
    My FF

  14. Just dropping by to return the follow :) I'll be your friend! haha

  15. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I always like to meet new bloggers. Following in return via GFC!

  16. I'm not always very good with commenting either. I seem to go through spurts where I am really good, then I practically disappear...eep!! Happy Friday!

  17. I think photoshop would be a great skill to have :) good luck with your resolutions! I will also be looking to be more involved in the blogging community- more reviews and more comments. thanks for stopping by and for the follow! here to return the favor!


  18. Thank you for the follow, I followed you back :)

  19. Lots of luck with your goals!

  20. Thanks for stopping by! I need more friends in the blogosphere too... I don't know how to make things snazzy looking! Anyways, tweet me @KatLovesBooks

  21. 100 reviews!!! Wow. :D Hahaha! I hope to comment more as well. Let's hope we both achieve our goals!

    Old follower!

    Thanks for stopping by my F&FF earlier.

    Happy Reading! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  22. Good Luck with your resolutions!

    Here's my Feature & Follow Friday post.

  23. great resolution! Old Follower , thanks for checking out my FF - Katie @ INKK

  24. those are some great goals. I love the blogging community! thanks for.stopping by and I'm a new follower via NB


  25. That's a lot of good goals :) Thanks for following my blog!
    New follower via GFC :)