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Let Me Love You, Ash (Why I Love Ash from The Iron Fey series)

This is me whenever people mention the Iron Fey series and when I gush about Ash's awesomeness.
I think it’s completely rational and sane for a person with a x-chromosome (or maybe even with a y-chromosome?) to fall irrevocably in love (*cough*lust*cough*) with Ash.
That’s right! You heard me! I’m in love with a fictional character! Wait, whaaaaat? Sure he may be cold, taken and not real but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel love. And in case you’ve been living in a hole for the past two years and you don’t know who he is, let me tell you who this insanely sexy man-faerie is (in bullet form because everything looks good in bullet form):

      ~   Ash is a character (but I like to pretend that he’s real) from the epic paranormal series The Iron Fey by the awesome and kickass, Julie Kagawa.

      ~  Built like a god from Olympus and has the face of an Abercrombie model (except even more beautiful and otherworldly), any woman (or man) would want to ravage him. Just a few passages from the book to convince you: NOTE: Words in YELLOW are my opinions and my widely inappropriate comments.
Evidence A:
The Iron King – “Up close, he was even more beautiful, with high cheekbones and dark tousled hair falling into his eyes.”
Evidence B:
The Iron Daughter – (This one’s a long one, ladies!) “I’d dreamed about Ash in a tuxedo, silly fantasies that crossed my mind every so often, but the image in my head was as far removed as a house cat was to a jaguar. (Oh Meghan, you naughty, naughty girl! What other stuff about Ash have you been fantasizing about? Hmm…?) His tuxedo wasn’t black, but a dazzling, spotless white, the open jacket showing a white vest and an icy blue tie beneath.  His cuff links, the silk handkerchief in his breast pocket, and the glittering stud in his ear were the same icy color. Everything else was white, even his shoes, but instead of appearing ghostly or faded, he filled the room with presence, a royal among commoners.” (Okay, ladies (and gentlemen?) I’m going to end here before your girly bits start spasming due to his virility. If you’re looking for the page, it is: 293-294. Enjoy! *wink *)
And lastly, evidence C:
The Iron Queen – “Ash lay on his back in the corner, one arm flung over his eyes, his breathing slow and deep. He was shirtless (YUM.), and the amulet gleamed against his sculpted chest, almost completely black now, a drop of ink against his pale skin. – [a few more sentences here]- Taking advantage of the moment, I watched him (I bet you like to watch, huh, Meghan?), admiring the lean, hard muscles, gazing at the scars slashed across his pale skin. His chest rose and feel with each quiet breath, and just watching him sleep (Having an Edward moment, Meghan? I know I would be.) made me feel a bit calmer.”
See? What did I tell you? Is he blowing your mind or what?!

Take me NOW.

   ~ Ash doesn’t just have abnormal good looks and a hot bod you’d want to flaunt but is also one of the sweetest most sincere guys you’ll ever read about. His love for Meghan is so genuine that you’ll find yourself “AWW”-ing and sniffling because of his loyalty and love. Here is one of my favorite lines/parts from The Iron Queen:
“’I love you’, I whispered, fisting my hands against his stomach. ‘You can’t leave. You swore you wouldn’t.’
Ash’s hands came to rest over mine, twining our fingers together. ‘Even if the world stands against you,’ he murmured, bow his head. ‘I promise’”
That is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever read. *wipes eyes * I’m not crying okay! Moisture just seeped out of my eyes due to the amount of emotion being shown in this scene.

  ~   I think one of the things that made me love him even more isn’t just because of his looks or his propensity to be a sweetheart, but it’s also because of the fact that he isn’t perfect. I mean, yeah he looks great and usually has the right lines but it’s his imperfections that made me love him more. Like most guys, Ash had a past. Not a I-used-to-take-drugs or a I’m-broken-so-I-have-resorted-to-throwing-a-bitch-fit-all-the-time kind of past but the type that you know will affect everything about your relationship with the guy. I honestly felt my heart break for him when I read about the things he had to o through and the really sad part is that no one was there for him, no one comforted him or assured him that everything would be alright (Yes, Bob Marley reference.) He never thought that he’ be redeemed for all the things he’s done in the past but in the end, he did have his saving grace. I may cried a lot when I read about the things that had happened to him; the people he’s lost, the people he’s hurt and how much he thought that he was unsavable. No matter how much it broke my heart to read about those things, it al worked out in the end and my heart was pieced back together. Though, I may have had a few violent thoughts and reactions then…

Embarrassingly enough, this happened a lot.

      If I wasn’t able to convince you about how amazing Ash is, you seriously need to have your lady bits or your eyes checked because Julie Kagawa did right by creating this complex and intriguing character. So complex and intriguing that all you can actually do is peel back all his layers and defenses and look for the man who’s hiding inside, the man who only wants to be loved.

Well, that’s it folks! Thanks for stopping by!

But wait! There’s more!

Here’s a little something you don’t know about the Iron Fey series: I was in all of them. Yes, you heard right! I was in all of them until Julie decided to take away the super creepy stalker person in the books… I wonder why… Anyway, I’ve decided to go out and tell YOU guys what really happened. Here are some deleted parts that never come out with the final version of the book:

A scene in The Iron Daughter before the dance:
Ash: *starts to change clothes… hears a creepy giggle * *whips head and looks around * Who’s there! Show yourself!!
*a figure materializes out of the darkness *
Louisse: Here I am!
Ash: Who the hell are you?!
Louisse: Who am I? *spins in a circle * I am your lover~
Ash: *gags in disgust * WHA—
*Meghan and Puck barges into the room*
Meghan: What’s taking you so long, Ash?
Puck: And who the heck is that?
*All turn to look at Louisse *
Meghan: Hey! I went to school with you!
Louisse: So it seems…
Puck: We did?
Meghan: Yeah!
Ash: Guys… She’s licking me.
*Louisse stops licking Ash’s cheek *
Meghan: Bring me a knife, Puck!
Louisse: O.O *throws confetti at the trio * You can’t touch this! *dances to MC Hammer * But Ash can totally touch this. *jumps out the window * We’ll see each other again, my looooooove!!
*The three watch the crazy person jump out the window *
Ash: *shudders * Never have I been so afraid for my life…
Puck: Looks like you’ve got yourself another fan, ice-boy.
Meghan: Don’t be so smug, Puck. She left something for you too.
*shows them the letter Louisse left *
Hello My Little Red-headed Elf!
I left some lovin’ for you, sugar. ;)
Love, your penguin
Oh... And, do you think I'm sexy?
*they see a picture of her in a penguin suit and her sexy face*

Puck: *shudders * That girl is cray-cray.
*Grimalkin walks in *
Grim: She sniffed my tail...
Ash, Puck and Meghan: O.O

The Iron Queen scene where Meghan enters the tent with Ash lying down on his back, sleeping (or was he?):
Meghan: *enters the tent * *freezes * What the heck?!
Ash: *bolts up from the floor * *grabs his weapon * What? Who’s there?!
*Both look at the mysterious figure… wearing a penguin suit? *
Louisse, in a penguin suit: *points at Ash and sings * ~I can see you through the window. As I’m standing at the tree outside~ *shakes booty *
Ash: *glowers menacingly at the pervy penguin * Get out of here before I kill you…
Louisse: Don’t need to be so cold, baby. (Pun, pun)
Ash: Meghan, stand behind me. *brandishes swords* Say goodbye to this world, you abnormally lecherous penguin!
Louisse: *flaps wings and runs away * This isn’t the last you’ll see of me! I’ll be baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
Meghan: I really hope she never comes back... We are about to go into war and we can’t have anyone distract us.
Ash: Maybe we should send her to Ferrum’s castle…
*both nod in agreement*
Ash: And did you notice the way she danced? She looked like she was having  a vertical seizure…
Meghan: It was a disturbing sight…
~ in Ferrum’s rooms~
*Louisse watches the False King from the darkness *
Louisse: *creepy laugh * I will end you for hurting my Ash…
Ferrum: What the--!!

~ END ~

Are you amazed by my badass feet stomping and arm flapping?

Now you know what really went down.

(This is only a work of fiction. All characters belong to the awesome Julie Kagawa. Thank you for lending them to me.)


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  2. Haha After reading this, I'm glad you won! XD Great job!! Seriously enjoyable! ^-^