Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published on: September 8th' 2008
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After the grisly murder of his entire family, a toddler wanders into a graveyard where the ghosts and other supernatural residents agree to raise him as one of their own.

Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack—who has already killed Bod's family . . .

Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his New York Times bestselling modern classic Coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, The Graveyard Book is sure to enthrall readers of all ages.
(Summary from Goodreads)


This is the first book i have borrowed from Louisse. At first, I was hesitant because it looked boring but then as I progressed into reading it, it was actually interesting. I was crying during Science period because I've learned that his teacher, whose name I forgot, died protecting Bod. All in all, it is a superb book. Read this book if you have a soft spot for family, friendship and love books.



  1. Let me correct you, my dear. It wasn't really his teacher, Silas, just a temporary woman, named Miss/Mrs. Something. (I forgot as well) :))

  2. no! not Silas. the werewolf one... Mrs. Lupin!!!! I just remembered!!!

  3. You're right! That part WAS sad! ;_; I'll lend you The DUFF when you cone here! :)

  4. Awww, hashtag cute/nene review =)) JK hope you don't mind me creeping on your blog. LOL. Don't worry, I have my own fair share of nene reviews too ;)